3 April 2011

iPad in ASD Classrooms - Earl Grey Senior Public School

The students of Earl Grey Senior Public School's Intermediate Autism class have been using the iPad to facilitate their social/emotional development. Our iPad is being used as an effective relaxation tool as well as a social tool that encourages typically-functioning age-peers to connect and interact with our students in a positive and meaningful way. These interactions taken place in the cafeteria, in integrated classroom settings and even in the hallways. It has provided our students with confidence as they are able to initiate and sustain reciprocal conversations with their peers, using the iPad and its functions as an interesting way to receive positive and sustained attention/interaction from their peers.

The iPad is also being used as a tool to create a 'personal space' for self-regulation. One student in particular uses the iPad to play piano to herself (with ear buds and a timer) in order to self-regulate and re-join the task or activity.
Ms. M and her student discuss how using the iPad helps him address his multiple intelligence preference as well as his social interaction with peers.

Ms. M speaks about student self-regulation with the iPad here.

Click the above photo to see a few more videos showing iPad use at Earl Grey.  

For a short slideshow: click here.

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