7 April 2011

iPads in Autism Classrooms-Challenges (mid term report)


It has been challenging sharing the iPad between two classes. We have had to plan our daily schedules to ensure that each class was able to have time to use the iPad.  Luckily, both of us are flexible and have been able to manage. (Finch P.S.)

No Wi-Fi = ...I took the IPad home when needed to update it. (C.E. Webster J.P.S.)

Our class also faces the challenge of figuring out how to integrate an iPad into a student’s learning in a way that a desktop computer cannot.  Our class has 5 SEA claim computers in it, so many of the students already have access to technology. (Winchester P.S.)

Challenges have included the integration of the ipad into the academic realm to organize and reduce anxiety with fine motor deficits, access to work in other classes, and the ability to print on the intranet.  The fact that the ipad is unable to access the TDSB intranet and student accounts is the downfall.  (Shaugnessy P.S.)

It was extremely time-consuming to debrief and reflect on the morning with [our student] each day in order to collect data. It was also very time-consuming for all staff involved to learn how to program and best use the iPad and Proloquo2Go. (Kensington C.S.)

-high potential for 1 particular student to damage the iPad so he had to be very closely monitored and several times, iPad had to be taken to another classroom because he became fixated on breaking it. (Buchanan P.S.)

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