20 May 2011

Engaging Boys in literacy - Forest Hill P.S. May 12-13 update

Session Three – May 12th – May 13th 

The goal of Session Three was to prepare the students for the culminating project and how they would be assessed.  Students used the Smart Response System to provide feedback about a student created project they viewed.  Most students in all 4 classes assessed the project at Level Three.  Student suggestions to move the project from Level Three to Level Four included adding unique and unknown information, using less repetition, including a personal opinion or point of view, using speech bubbles as well as captions to communicate information, including evidence and using the media in an engaging way (e.g., real voice for the audio, link to a video).  Students, then, brainstormed and contributed to a rubric to assess their culminating projects.  Student work was shared using the document camera and the Smart Board.

Encouraging Student Feedback Using the Response Systems

Reviewing response System results

Rubric creation using
 the Document Camera

Itinerant Observation:  “The students provided a lot of meaningful input when evaluating the student sample, which we will reference when helping the students evaluate their own work.”

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