9 May 2011

Forest Hill - Engaging Boys in Literacy - session 2: May 5-9

Session Two – May 5th – May 9th 

Session two focused on exposing students to other media formats that could be used to communicate their information.  They evaluated the effectiveness of a graphic text (e.g., comic created using bitstrips) and then had the opportunity to create their own graphic texts.  Assistive technology used this week included the iPod (Comic Touch Lite and iMovie) and the IWB.  Students continued to refer to their research notes created using Read and Write Gold when producing their media work.

Teacher Quote:  “It is important for the students to learn about the different types of technology available to them so that they can use it when they are in secondary school.

A Canadian moment using Bitstripsforschools.com
- Java programming language creator James Gosling.

The above video about James Cameron was created
by a student using the Comic Touch app.

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