6 May 2011

Interactive White Boards and KELI program - JEPL

Job Embedded Professional Learning (JEPL)
Different types of support were provided by the
itinerant teachers on the AT Team. 
1. Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings took place in East and West teams.  PLC meetings occurred four times throughout the year, a few weeks prior to the start of a new unit.  The goal of the PLC meetings was to expose KELI team members to features of the IWB that could be used to support expressive and receptive language and to design learning activities incorporating the IWB based on the KELI  curriculum.

2. Individual Classroom Support was provided to all KELI classrooms.  KELI team members made regular use of the individual classroom support throughout the school year.  Co-planning sessions enabled the itinerant teacher, classroom teacher and SLP to modify learning activities to suit the needs of their students, explore new ways to use the technology (e.g., document camera) and to design their own lessons.

Co-planning with the itinerant teacher slideshow click here.

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