17 June 2011

iPad in ASD Classrooms - Celebrations year-end presentation. June 17

This is a Prezi-style presentation of the outline of the celebrations presentation held at the TDSB Boardroom on the morning of June 17th. Before each video each teacher presented a story about the iPad and a student.

Audio will be added next week.

Please wait for the Prezi to load and then navigate forwards and backwards. For full screen, click on the bottom right hand corner.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this information so quickly. I particularly like the format for the Prezi presentation.

CMcAuley said...

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed, and appreciate the time it takes to create all the videos for each school.
Thank you for organizing this pilot project (and this blog..very forward thinking)

I noticed often that the the ipad was used as a reward. Were there instances when the ipad was used by the students to create or demonstrate their knowledge. Some of the more open ended apps (Comic Life for the Ipad, Puppet pals, Garageband, etc) might be helpful in this regard rather than drill and skill apps.

Once again, awesome presentation.