21 June 2011

Reflections - Celebration by Speech-Language Pathology dept. - KELI SLPs

Part of the June 10th, year-end meeting by the Speech-Language Pathology department included Kindergarten Early Language Intervention (KELI) SLPs sharing one example of their use of the Interactive Whiteboard in curriculum planning to support language development.

On hand to facilitate the sharing were Speech-Language Pathology Special Education Chiefs, David Haffner (East) and Sharon McWhirter (West).

There are 10 KELI sites across the TDSB. The following video contains examples from eight of the participant schools.

Here is a video - divided into three-parts - of their sharing.
Part 1: Baycrest P.S., Blake P.S. and Dovercourt P.S.

Click to view Part 2: Part 2
Click to view Part 3: Part 3

The AT team was also on hand to share literacy strategies for later language learners using the interactive whiteboard. Some examples given included: activate background knowledge and learn new vocabulary , sequencing, retelling and summarizing skills, as well as phonological and phonemic awareness.

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