1 November 2011

RWG Flash - Canada and World Connections - Communities

In this Read and Write Gold flash (RWG flash) students gather, categorize and interpret information as they research a specific community. The example lesson involves the country of South Africa. Once students select a region, they go through steps of the research process using features of the Read and Write Gold programme  such as the Fact Finder, Highlights and the Fact Mapper.
This curriculum lesson addresses expectations in both the Language and Social Studies subject areas.

Here is the link to the RWG flash lesson: Communities

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Upcoming Read and Write Gold training in schools
The SEA department continues to support Read and Write Gold in schools this year.
Administrators, who have not yet used their five hours of training provided by the Assistive Technology Department, can sign up on Key to Learn for the following training sessions:

Monday November 21 
Read and Write Gold Information Meeting 
Administrator or school representative 
Monday  January 30 
Read and Write Gold Information Meeting 
Administrator or school representative 
Terraview Learning Centre 

Key to Learn training sessions posted 
Last week our blog outlined a recent Assistive technology curriculum-linked session: Math problem solving, the three-part lesson and special education students . Now, the Assistive Technology department has posted training for TDSB teachers on Key to Learn. Ten different sessions offer training for SEA claim and OSAPAC licensed software. Also available are Promethean and SMART Interactive Whiteboard training at the beginning and next steps levels. Each session is being offered a number of times during the months of November and December at both the Terraview (East) and Burnhamthorpe (West) training centres. Spaces are limited. Look under the Professional Growth category and SSV-SPED Section department for specific details.

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