8 November 2011

SEA IWB Learning Communities - snapshot 1

SEA Interactive Whiteboard Learning Communities
Growth this year
Last year, the SEA department installed close to 100 Interactive White Boards (IWB) into various Special Education classes. This year, the SEA department is supporting 21 Learning Communities across the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). These Learning Communities are curriculum-linked sessions and teachers are grouped according to the exceptionality they teach. Teachers share and learn how the IWB can be used to help support the curriculum and apply to their own students’ learning.

Getting Started
At our first LC – Getting Started – teachers were shown a range of ways to engage students and get them to think critically via a modeled lesson. They were also provided with work time to put into practice what they learned.
Teachers designed lessons to use in their classrooms, dialogued with other teachers, and became more comfortable with the technology. Below are two one-page examples created by LC teachers: (Left) SMART DPA page, (right), Promethean What do we wear?

Building Capacity and Community
In between our LCs, teachers have an opportunity to become a Host teacher or visit a Host classroom in order to observe a lesson and share the use of the IWB. Afterwards, the Host and Observers, have time to reflect, discuss and debrief the IWB lesson.

Next LC session
Our next LCs will be held in December and will focus on the Document Camera and the Promethean Slate/Smart Board Tablet and their uses in the classroom to provide visual resources. Stay tuned for a future entry with more info about this session.

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