5 December 2011

Learning Communities snapshot - Pineway P.S. - Using IWB in HSP classrooms

Learning Communities: Student Hands-on learning
An example at Pineway Public School
by: K. Noer
Pineway Public School

Recently, my HSP junior class received a Promethean Interactive White Board (IWB).  I had never used one before but was very eager to integrate it into my program.  Even after only a month in my classroom, it became an invaluable tool. 

The students are very motivated to participate in lessons involving the board.  The students actively contribute to shared writing tasks and enjoy group editing and revising.  I am also using Read and Write Gold with the IWB during our shared writing so my students will become more competent using this program during independent writing.  

While working with my younger resource students, the key words from their guided reading are incorporated into fun, simple activities such as saying the word and moving it as quickly as possible into a box. 
In math, we are focusing on patterning so the malleable hundreds charts has really helped engage my students. They also happily volunteer to write their own patterns on the IWB which their peers solve. There are many IWB educational activities that I have downloaded that the students really enjoy.
I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I can save lessons then manipulate them the next day.  Another benefit is collectively generating printable study notes.  This really helps the students who have difficulty copying from the board and allows the students to participate in the discussion rather than struggling to record information. 

Since receiving the IWB in September, it has become an integral part of my planning and we use it every day.  My goal this year is to ensure that the majority of the time my students are actively engaged with the IWB and it is not just supporting my “teacher directed lessons”.  I also hope to become more proficient using it and aware of the extensive capabilities and accompanying resources available.
Written expression:
Strategy: Guided writing through the editing process. The student uses the highlighting and pen tools as the teacher guides the lesson on text features of a student writing sample.
Listen to the part of the writing process as Ms. Noer and her student co-edit a document / procedural writing: How to make a Peanut Butter sandwich.

The annotated page: How to Make a Peanut Butter sandwich.

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