13 January 2012

SEA IWB Learning Community session 2 - Document Camera, Slate and Media (wrap-up)

SEA Interactive Whiteboard Learning Communities - Session 2

Our second set of SEA IWB Learning Community Sessions took place in December.  The focus was on integrating the Ladibug document camera and slate into teaching.Teachers were excited about the possible uses of the Ladibug which included live demonstrations of cooking activities, the ability to display non-fiction text, annotate key ideas and features and capture the learning digitally as well as being able to document mathematical problem solving through video.  Using the Ladibug enables teachers to provide real life concrete examples to students, engage students in inquiry based learning and to make abstract concepts more concrete, to name a few benefits. Click the player (below) to hear the text read to you.

Teachers of Low Incidence classrooms modeled the sequence to create a gingerbread man.

Teachers of Gifted classrooms displayed thought provoking photographs from a text to build inferencing skills and confirm predictions using visual notetaking.

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