17 February 2012

EQAO pilot session 2 update

EQAO Pilot with Read and Write Gold session two

The Assistive Technology team's EQAO pilot session two is underway. Teachers and their group of grade 3, grade 6 (or groups of students from combination of grade 3 and 6), from 24 schools across the TDSB are taking part.

Parkdale P.S. HSP teacher Ms. Wurtz and trainer Ms. Bell.
During each half-day session, students and their teachers work with the Read and Write Gold trainer learning how to use the features of the software along with a word processing program. Students develop strategies to help them to demonstrate their thinking by responding to question types such as: multiple choice, short answer, and problem solving as well as creative writing.

Responding to Short Answer Questions
Session Two's focus is on responding to short short answer questions - regardless of the subject area of the text - by using features such as text-to-speech, word prediction and highlighting.

The trainer models the use of the split screen and RWG features in a whole group setting. On the student's left side of the screen is the text being read. On the right side of the screen is the working space, where the student will compose his/her short answers in response to questions about the text.
A student uses the Word Prediction feature to
assist writing a short answer to a question.
Assistive technology: Text-to-Speech feature of Read and Write Gold

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