29 March 2012

Read and Write Gold flash - Being Healthy - grade 6 lesson

In this learning activity, students will write a picture book or script on a health topic. Students utilize different Read and Write Gold toolbars to progress through the research process to collect, organize, draft and edit content related to healthy eating. For example, tools such as the Fact Folder, Study Skills highlighter tools, are used to collect information during the planning stage. The writing toolbar's Word wizard and Word prediction are among the features used in the draft phase. 

To download click the title: Grade 6 Language Writing and Physical Health and Education.

23 March 2012

Spring Training schedule out now!

Assistive Technology training sessions for the Spring are now available on Key to Learn.

Click on the blue headline below to view the flyer:

Along with Promethean and SMART Interactive White Board training (beginner and next steps levels), the Assistive Technology team is offering specific software training including a number of Read and Write Gold 10 sessions.

Text Help
Creating Communication Boards Using Read and Write Gold is a new course available for the spring 2012 training season.

TDSB staff, don't forget to go to Key to Learn to sign up for these sessions.
More updates about training and other projects can be found in the latest S.E.A.side newsletter: click here for the direct link to the pdf.

9 March 2012

EQAO and Read and Write Gold testimonials: Tom Longboat Jr. P.S.

Mid-way point of EQAO pilot - testimonals from Tom Longboat Jr. P.S.

As schools, students and teachers prepare for March Break, the Assistive Technology team's EQAO pilot project reaches the mid-way point in delivering sessions to students in TDSB schools.

Here are a few "testimonials" provided by Ms. Mavrou, HSP/SERT/MART, at Tom Longboat Jr. P.S. and her students who are participating in the pilot project.

Highlighters (Study skills toolbar)

Word prediction dialogue box example.

“I think RWG is way better for EQAO- word prediction really helps so you don’t have to spell out the word and it’s way easier.” -Student

“I like it because it helps me not forget things when I have to write it down.” -Student

“When it reads for us it really helps.” -Student

“It helps me with pronunciations of words an you don’t have to keep asking for help.” -Student

“Word prediction helps with finding words and makes writing faster.” -Student

“Thank to those who invented RWG.” -Student

“Gets my work done." -Student

Some strategies these students mentioned above include the text-to-speech features (supports decoding), word prediction (supports written expression) and the highlighters (identifying supporting evidence and key words). 

Text-to-speech features.

“Watching students get excited about writing and getting their ideas onto the computer is so exciting.  When students are asked to use paper and pencil to have to write often all their wonderful ideas are lost because of frustration with spelling.” 
-Ms. Mavrou, HSP/SERT/MART, Tom Longboat Jr. P.S. 

TDSB staff and students have take-home rights for Read and Write Gold 10 (P.C.) and Read and Write 4 (MAC).
For MAC users,  Read and Write 5 will be available soon.

For more information click: TDSB public site or you can use our QR code (left).

March newsletter
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