17 September 2012

Collaborating with Special Education teachers - AT referrals

To Trade Or Not To Trade

Last June, Grade 6 teacher, Elita Yip from Muirhead P.S. and an Itinerant AT teacher explored newspapers and video as a culminating activity for a Canadian Trading Partners unit with her integrated class as part of an Assistive Technology referral.
The individual classroom referral is one of the models of support that the AT team provides for Special Education teachers this year under the model of job embedded professional development. The itinerant teacher and classroom teacher co-plan and co-teach using assistive technology (interactive whiteboards, peripherals and software) to support student learning.
As a culuminating activity they were given a task of exploring how trade affects both the importing and exporting country. They had an opportunity to make an informed decision about whether or not they thought donating used clothing was good or not. They looked at articles and videos and discovered some facinating information about trade.

Commodity investigation
Afterwards, in small groups, they were each assigned a commodity, either coffee, bananas or chocolate.

Banana Workers Human Rights
Students had to learn about how its trade affected both the importing and exporting country - socially, economically, culturally, and environmentally. In doing so, they also discovered the concept of "Fair Trade" and its benefits to a country.

The class then needed to decide whether or not they would purchase their good, keeping in mind some of the following questions:
i) What are some possible alternatives as a consumer?
ii) As a global citizen, what choices can we make as everyday consumers?
iii) What human rights are compromised when buying the good?

In working through the assignment, the students used the reading toolbar of Read and Write Gold to support the reading of the materials and the research and writing toolbars to collect information and create multimedia presentations. An exerpt of a talkshow about coffee can be found on the podcast player below.

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Fair Trade Coffee: Good or Bad?

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