26 October 2012

SEA Interactive Whiteboard TDSB Learning Communities continue

Learning Communities' first sessions continue this week

Over 24 interactive whiteboard learning communities are being held for teachers at both the Terraview Learning Centre and Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre sites this year. The Learning Community share and explore ways the Interactive Whiteboard can be used as an effective teaching and learning tool in the TDSB classroom to increase student engagement and achievement through a model of Differentiated Learning. 
Topics of the first LC sessions include Visual Literacy (including using the power of images to teach higher order thinking skills ), Functional literacy with visual support for low incidence students (Elementary)  and Using the Interactive Whiteboard to support the five areas of learning with low incidence students (Secondary).

LC sessions have built-in work time to support IWB connections with differentiated learning. Teachers create Visual Literacy lessons.

The SEA IWB Learning Communities meet at the Assistive Technology centres three times during the year. Each time these Special Education teachers explore strategies and tools to differentiate learning for their students using the SEA Interactive Whiteboard and its peripherals within their classroom programs. Following each session teachers take back a peripheral to use. Following the first LC session, teachers explore the use of the ActivSlate.

The slate is one way that students and teachers can access and interact with the white board. Since the slate communicates with the computer wirelessly (using a usb-connected radio receiver), both teachers and students can use a pen to control the IWB tools from all areas of the classroom, when proximity, movement or ability to touch the board is limited.

Snapshot of LC during a session at Terraview Learning Centre.

Using the slate to access the interactive whiteboard from a distance.

SEA IWB LCs are built to include teachers
who are in similar georgraphic regions and who teach students with similar exceptionalities.
Learning Community sessions continue next week.

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