5 December 2012

Ten tips for Using interactive whiteboards

10 Tips for Using Interactive Whiteboards (SMART and Promethean)
 in your Special Education Classroom
  1. Keep instructions clear and pages clutter-free: it is always better to have more pages, with less information on each page, in an ActivInspire Flipchart or SMART Notebook file than to have too much information on one page

  1. Use large graphics and sounds to engage students by making lessons interesting and interactive.

  1. Include movies in your Flipcharts or Notebook files to aid in comprehension and to engage your students. You can download educational videos from Learn 360.

  1. Use sound: the sound recorder in ActivInspire or insert sound in SMART Notebook to provide students with verbal directions for auditory learners.

  1. Select appropriate font and sizes. The recommended minimum font size is 24pt.

  1. Use colour and the highlighter tool for students who need visual support.

  1. Use images available in ActivInspire’s Resource Browser or SMART’s Gallery to teach students mathematical concepts.

  1. Versatility: Use your Promethean or SMART Board for a variety of teaching activities (e.g., centres, individual instruction or group activities).

  1. Take advantage of Board Space: Let the students write big (you can always resize their writing if needed).

  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel: Use lessons/ activities designed by other educators:

    Click on the text below to access the specific link:

    Promethean Planet

    SMART Exchange

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