31 January 2013

Learning Communities profile on-site and a Low Incidence observation classroom

Learning communities for TDSB Interactive Whiteboard group claims 
There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. So why not share some information via multimedia - to meet the needs of all learning styles?
Here is a synopsis of what happens at our on-site Learning Communities with TDSB's Special Education teachers - at Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre - in the West and Terraview Learning Centre in the East. There are six itinerant teachers in the A.T. department - three support the West and three in the East.
This particular video captured one of the West itinerant teachers, Lisa Mast, and a West Learning Community in action.

Learning Through Observing: An ISP  Experience (Low Incidence)

Some teachers from our Low Incidence Learning Communities (LCs), through the Group SEA claim process, had the fantastic opportunity to visit a primary/junior Developmentally Delayed classroom at Thorncliffe Park P.S. Liisa Smith, teacher, graciously opened her classroom up so that fellow colleagues within the TDSB could have the opportunity to see an IWB in action in a similar class to theirs. Along with Liisa, Sue MacVicar-Stewart, Low Incidence Consultant, also attended the session to share her expertise and knowledge.

Participating teachers observed the students engaged in functional numeracy tasks on both the IWB and at their tables using concrete manipulatives. They were impressed with the students’ level of engagement, attentiveness, and turn taking.

Students engaged in various functional numeracy concepts and activities on an IWB.
After the lesson demonstration, teachers had the chance to debrief with Liisa and Sue. At this time lesson ideas and interactive websites were shared, ideas for independent learning opportunities were discussed, and strategies for using the IWB for both a whole class lesson and as a student activity centre were explored.

Liisa Smith, teacher (left) supporting a student on the IWB during a patterning activity (Left);
Hands on task for students to demonstrate the concept of “Big, Medium, Little” (Right)

Teachers left the half-day session with lots of resources and ideas for their students and classrooms; eager to try them at their own schools. We look forward to both Liisa and Sue attending some of our future Learning Community Sessions so that other teachers can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

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