21 March 2013

One-to-one support integrating AT in your classroom: from the Itinerant teacher

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Special Education Referrals:
Our Itinerant Teachers Are Eager to Co-Plan and Co-Teach with You

Goal: To partner with schools to effectively use Assistive Technology within classrooms to support a model of Differentiated Learning.

In order to provide job-imbedded professional learning, our Itinerant Teachers are available to support Special Education teachers working in HSP and ISP classrooms. Our referrals are conducted within a teaching and learning capacity and focus on providing opportunities for co-planning and co-teaching. The referral process can consist of the following components:

A) Initial Meeting:

- Discuss goals for the referral

- Student strengths and needs

- Learning goals/IEP goals

- Unit of study/curriculum expectations

- Current practices/strategies – i.e. How are you currently using AT to differentiate instruction?

- The role of Assistive Technology within your program

B) Co-Planninghalf day release is provided!
- Half day of co-planning at your school with an Assistive Technology Itinerant Teacher
- Lesson/series of lessons created are authentic and relevant to your program in order to reflect what you are currently teaching and meeting the needs of your particular group of students

- One-on-one support is provided in order to foster collaboration and professional growth

“My co-planning and co-teaching sessions were awesome. I was able to build upon my previous knowledge to create a fun and interactive math lesson. I learned some new things that I will be able to apply in many lessons and I feel more confident in my ability. Planning a lesson doesn't seem as stressful as I once thought!” – TDSB Teacher

C) Co-Teachinghalf day release is provided!
- Our Itinerant Teachers will re-visit your school in order to co-teach with you

- The Itinerant Teacher can teach with you, work with small groups of students, or stand back and support you when needed…whatever works best for you and your students

- Release is provided to allow coverage for one of your colleagues to observe the modelled lesson in order to build capacity within your school

- Following the lesson, we allow time for you to de-brief the lesson with your Itinerant Teacher and discuss extensions/next steps.

“The whole experience was great. My students were fully engaged during the lesson and excited to participate! They can't wait for more. The Itinerant Teacher was very organized and knowledgeable. She was patient and helpful. I highly recommend this experience to any teacher looking to use their Interactive White Board in different ways” – TDSB Teacher

Assistive technology support so far this year has included: Promethean and SMART interactive whiteboards, the software and peripherals (document camera and response systems).

Referrals, with or without access to the IWB, for Read and Write Gold to support literacy, writing process and/or research, as well as SMART ideas - a graphics organizer program - have also been done with students, Special Education and the AT itinerant teacher this year.

To access this referral process, there is a one-page application form. Please complete and submit the Assistive Technology (AT) Referral Form:

or go to the AT team's public internal TDSB web site at: http://bit.ly/ZYfOS7
(Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Send the completed form to: SEAItinerant@tdsb.on.ca

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