9 May 2013

A.T. Team at ASET - group effort at annual Spring Conference

SEA Team at ASET Conference in Niagara Falls

The ASET (Association for Special Education Technology) conference took place in Niagara Falls on May 3rd, 2013. Members of the SEA Team attended Conference to learn new and exciting ways to support our students in special education using technology.

A.T. team group includes: a Coordinator, Technical Specialist, three Technical Facilitators,
six Itinerant Resource Teachers and one SEA consultant (not pictured)

Four of our SEA team members lead workshops at the conference.  Lisa Mast and Andrea Statton, both Itinerant Resource Teachers- SEA Team,  lead a workshop titled “Increasing Student Engagement and Differentiating Instruction in your Literacy Program using Interactive Whiteboards”.
Andrea Statton (left) and Lisa Mast (right)

Christina Mathura and Valia Reinsalu, both Itinerant Resource Teachers- SEA Team,  lead a workshop titled “Interactive Whiteboard Tools and Learning Accommodations: Making Math Mathemagical”.

Valia Reinsalu (left) and Christina Mathura (right).
Both groups engaged their audiences when leading their workshops and sharing some of the outstanding things we do in TDSB to support our students’ learning needs using Interactive Whiteboards.

To access the resources from the ASET conference including the Literacy Program resources please click on the following link: http://aset-ontario.ca/confernce_resources/ .  For the complete Math is Mathemagical resources folder click: http://bit.ly/13PhVtN

It was truly a team effort at the ASET Conference as the technical team and teacher team worked together to ensure the success of our workshops.

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