14 June 2013

Summer fun with Promethean

Want to do more with your
Promethean Board this Summer?

For many teachers, the summer is a time to not only relax and re-energize but also to take courses and prepare for the upcoming school year.
If you have a Promethean Board in your classroom next school year, you may choose to explore ActivInspire and start preparing lessons or activities over the summer months for your students.
Below you will find some suggestions of places to go for support:
YouTube Channel
The SEA Team has created a YouTube Channel, “Tech and Special Ed”, where you will find short video tutorials on how to use the tools in ActivInspire to support the learning needs of students with different exceptionalities.  

Promethean Planet

As always Promethean Planet is a great resource. There are lessons and activities created by educators available to download. Under Professional Development there are short video tutorials called “ActivTips”, free online courses, as well as free downloadable manuals.

TDSB Key to Learn Summer Sessions
Key to Learn Training Sessions are available in the summer: July 2-4 and August 27-29
Sign up on Key to Learn for one of the voluntary summer sessions being offered for TDSB staff:

Promethean for Beginners: This session is the perfect session for teachers who will be teaching in a classroom that has a Promethean Board next year. Users will be encouraged to participate and use the board during the hands on training session.  If you are new to Promethean, or have only used it a little in the past, then this session is the one for you.
Promethean Next Steps:  This hands-on workshop will explore additional features of ActivInspire to enable users to create and customize their own flipcharts to meet the needs of their students.

Participants registering for these sessions should have access to a Promethean Board in their school next year.

Stay tuned: The A.T. team has two more posts before we conclude our publications for the summer.

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