12 September 2013

Latest OneNote project launch & Connect with the A.T. team!

OneNote project launch - follow us through Facebook

Check out our new site!!!
It's the new home of the Toronto District School Board's Assistive Technology department's OneNote pilot project. Get updates on project progress, tips on how to make the most of your OneNote application and share your thoughts with other users!

How else can you connect to TDSB A.T. team?

You have many different ways that you can keep up to the activities of the busy TDSB's Assistive Technology team!

You are already reading this blog - a great way to access profiles, project summaries and get a weekly snap-shot of what Assistive Technology actions are occurring around the TDSB. Entries may include photos at our latest curriculum professional development or Learning Community sessions at Terraview Learning Centre (East) or Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre (West) or school-based in-class observation classrooms to name a few. We profile teachers and teaching networks through photos, sound and text as well as share resources with you.
Don't forget to look around at our archives too. Try clicking on our label cloud (top left of this page). We've tagged our blog entries and have be building our archives for the past four years.

     Want to see a tutorial of how specific software tools help to accommodate Special Education students? Our YouTube channel is for you! We continue to    add our "tech tip tutorials" lauched in early Spring of this year. Each tech tip  connects software tools to a specific exceptionality. It's a great multimedia way  to build your A.T. toolbox. Just click on the icon to the left of this blurb.

We continue to build community on our Facebook page as a professional learning network. Have you liked us? Click on the image to the left. 

See who else is connecting with the TDSB's Assistive Technology team.

On Twitter, the A.T. team has quite a few tweeps and hashtags that we follow. If you're a veteran or new to the twitterverse, follow us @AssistTech. Our posts often with hashtag #tdsb #AT #sped if you're new to following hashtags - a powerful tool to keep track of similar content and conversations that are of interest to you.

The S.E.A.side News newsletter is published three times a year. It provides an overall picture on the team's accomplishments and activities during the year. Don't miss out on getting the latest copy fresh "off the presses". You can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking on the image on the left, which takes you to the subscription page. We won't be using your e-mail address to spam any information - just provide you with your copy of the newsletter three times a year.

If you want an in-depth overall explanation of our A.T. team also check our our A.T. magazine "A.T. Today." The Spring 2013 A.T. Today is a digitally interactive magazine thanks to the Flippingbook program it was created in. You can access the A.T. Today at the top right corner of this blog main page. 

Click on the image and you can resize the page, zoom in, explore by scrolling left to right, top to bottom or just download a copy of the magazine to enjoy offline as well.

Now, whether you attend one of our Read and Write Gold training sessions, submit an individual referral for Job Embedded Professional Learning with one of our itinerant teachers, or are an interested educator or parent outside the TDSB, keep in touch with the A.T. team by connecting with us on the social media vehicle of your choice! 

TDSB staff: Remember you can access resources, timelines and sign-up for Key to Learn training via our Board's internal web site. (Key to Learn: http://zweblms/users/index.aspx)

Read and Write Gold
Our A.T. public web site is currently under construction. Still, our Read and Write Gold information and resources are available at the links below:

Spec ED – Read Write Gold Home Use

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