8 October 2013

Intermediate OneNote pilot project launch

OneNote to support Special Education students pilot launch

The first group of intermediate Special Education teachers attended the OneNote pilot project Meet and Greet today at Terraview Learning Centre. The  half-day sessions were led by the Assistive Technology's itinerant resource teacher team.  As well, trainers Martha Jez and Dustin Jez supported pilot teachers to explore the OneNote software by having them explore an actual student's sample grade 11 OneNote notebook.
Trevor Wong, Intermediate HSP teacher at Macklin P.S. gets hands-on navigating
the OneNote notebook with trainer Martha Jez. 
This is the first phase of the Intermediate OneNote pilot. Special Education classrooms such as: Intermediate HSP, Behaviour ISP and Autism Spectrum Disorder ISPs are represented during this phase. The teachers and students will go through the OneNote journey supporting organization and/or facilitated transitions of the needs of their students. The project focuses on strategies of using the software to support student learning needs rather than the use of the software just itself. Click the Sound Cloud sound file recording of Wendy Klayman, HSP teacher at Blantyre P.S. making initial connections after using the Insert Sound feature of OneNote below.

One group of OneNote pilot teachers:
Trevor Wong (Macklin P.S.), Wendy Klayman (Blantyre P.S.)
and Miriam Taylor (Tecumseh P.S.).
OneNote Meet and Greet session teachers (left to right): Shailesh Maharaj, Warden Avenue P.S. (7/8HSP); Glen Barbeau, D.A. Morrison M.S.(8HSP); Jeff Gilbert, Samual Hearne M.S. (7HSP)
and Aleem Remtulla, D.A. Morrison M.S. (7/8 ASD ISP) 

More about OneNote and the pilot will be posted on the blog. Also click the photo to find information on the A.T. team's Facebook page:

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