3 October 2013

Read and Write Gold Picture Dictionary PD

No Access to BoardMaker? No Problem!

We have likely all worked with students who benefit from the use of visuals in order to support their learning. Visual supports or picture symbols may be an essential tool to support receptive and expressive communication, social, personal and academic development for some students.

Mayer-Johnson’s BoardMaker software can be used to create picture symbols to support student learning. However, not all schools or classrooms may have access to this software. In the past this may have presented a challenge…but not anymore! 

The Picture Dictionary tool in Read and Write Gold – Version 10 makes creating picture symbols easy and accessible. 

The TDSB’s Assistive Technology team facilitates a PD session entitled, “Using the Read and Write Gold Picture Dictionary to Create Visual Supports for Student Learning”. At this session, participants were provided with lesson/activity examples of ways in which the RWG Picture Dictionary can be used for a variety of purposes and at all grade levels/stages of development.

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