15 October 2013

The AT team's Read and Write Gold resources

Focusing on Read and Write Gold at Your Next School Based PLC or Lunch and Learn

Are you interested in providing your teachers with more information about how to use Read and Write Gold to support student learning? Consider incorporating a YouTube video created by the SEA – Assistive Technology Team into your next PLC or Lunch and Learn Session.
The AT Team has created a collection of video tutorials for educators. Each video focuses on a particular tool in Read and Write Gold and explains how to use the tool to support specific learning needs.

Learn more about the following tools:
Use the Read and Write Gold Picture Dictionary to Support Students with Special Needs”
Read and Write Gold – Vocabulary List Builder”
Study Skills Highlighters in Read and Write Gold to Support Students with Special Needs”
As well there are videos highlighting the word prediction and speech maker tools.

In addition, the AT team has created a planning template to support school leaders to facilitate discussion about a Professional Learning Video at their PLC session, Lunch and Learn session and/or Staff Meeting.

Download the editable planning Template.

Meet the A.T. team

In case you haven't had the opportunity to work with one of us, here's the most recent photo of the TDSB's Assistive Technology team. The photo was taken last Thursday, October 10th in the parking lot of Peckham Centre. The team had just led a informational morning to the Central Special Education staff (co-ordinators, consultants, superintendent and administration) where participants went through a learning carousel - four different roles of the Assistive Technology team.

The 2013-2014 TDSB Assistive Technology team.

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