10 October 2013

Ways to interact with the Promethean board - a refresher!

Ways to Access the Promethean Board…a Refresher

At the beginning of the New Year we
listed seven (7) ways for you and your students to access the Promethean Board:

Please refer to the Blog Post on January 17th http://bit.ly/17fYFpV for more information on these seven ways to access the
Promethean Board.

An eighth way to access the Promethean Board:

Some students may have difficulty accessing the
Promethean Board in traditional ways due to a variety of challenges. An
additional way that students can access the Promethean Board is to use a
switch. Using a switch allows students to interact with the lesson or activity,
increases independence and encourages participation in a group setting.

This is an example of a wireless switch called a Wireless Jelly Beamer switch and switch interface called a Crick Switch Interface. 

Please watch our YouTube Video to learn more about how
to use switches with your Promethean Board. http://bit.ly/GGObcz

OneNote Intermediate Project launch

The AT team launched its OneNote Intermediate pilot yesterday. Seven teachers from six schools in the TDSB are involved in the first phase of incorporating Microsoft OneNote tools as strategies to support the organization and/or facilitated transition of intermediate students towards secondary school. Stay tuned to the blog and join the Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/AssistTechOneNote to follow this exciting new initiative.
OneNote pilot teachers: revor Wong (Macklin P.S.), Wendy Klayman (Blantyre P.S.)
and Miriam Taylor (Tecumseh P.S.)

OneNote Meet and Greet session teachers (left to right): Shailesh Maharaj, Warden Avenue P.S. (7/8HSP); Glen Barbeau, D.A. Morrison M.S.(8HSP); Jeff Gilbert, Samual Hearne M.S. (7HSP)
and Aleem Remtulla, D.A. Morrison M.S. (7/8 ASD ISP) 

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