28 November 2013

OneNote launch at Macklin P.S. & Low Incidence Learning Community spotlight: Functional Literacy and Communication

Macklin P.S. starts its OneNote journey

Excitement and engagement throughout the classroom, as Macklin P.S.'s Intermediate HSP students launched its OneNote project on Wednesday, November 27. The first session is technical training, which gives the students the first experiences using the software to support organization of ideas and note taking. Their first reaction to the program? One student noted, "This is awesome!" 

Students use full touch
 to write and annotate on the document.

Low Incidence Interactive Whiteboard Learning Community #2 underway…

The second of four Learning Communities that support special education teachers that received an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) in their special education class this year are underway. The teachers of Low Incidence classes expressed that the IWB has improved and increased motivation, social skills and turn taking, confidence, engagement and fine motor skills, along with allowing visuals that capture their students’ attention and make their learning more meaningful. Teachers also expressed that the IWB allowed for differentiated learning to happen. During this session the teachers were presented with ideas on how the IWB can support their students’ learning through various Functional Literacy and Communication and other Language activities. Look below to see some of the activities these teachers created during their work time. (Click on an individual image to see a larger version of the picture.)

Flipchart page showing the concept of more or less.

Sequencing activity: Getting ready for dismissal.

Matching Pictures activity.

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