16 December 2013

Collaborative Professional learning partnership: Behaviour and Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Behaviour Focus Group
Teachers and CYWs – PD Partnership

Sharlene Bourjot (Behaviour Co-ordinator) and Christine Harvey Kerr (SEA consultant) have planned a series of three professional learning sessions for Teachers and CYWs of ISP Behaviour classrooms.  The sessions will focus on using the interactive whiteboards to engage students and to differentiate learning.  Each session is planned to be interactive and to give staff hands on interactive whiteboard (IWB) activities that can be immediately implemented into the classroom. Teachers and CYWs will also have the opportunity to meet each other and work together to plan student-centred activities.  

The first session focused on how to use visual symbols and photographs to engage students through hands on learning on the IWB.  Anna-May King and Andrea Hawkins hosted the session at John A. Leslie in their classroom.

At the next meeting in January, participants will have the opportunity to share how they have used visual symbols and photographs in their classroom.

Sharlene and Christine look forward to meeting with the teachers and CYWs again in the new year.

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