10 January 2014

IWB LC3 - Engaging all: Learning through Multimedia (ASD ISP example)

IWB Learning Community #3 – Engaging All Learning through Multimedia:
Supporting Teachers of ASD Intensive Support Programs

Our Assistive Technology Itinerant Teachers are eagerly looking forward to facilitating the third installment of our Learning Community sessions!

Session three focuses on the ActiView document camera and incorporating multimedia in order to differentiate instruction and engage all learners. Our “Goby” Learning Community group for teachers of ASD ISPs will also explore how the ActiView document camera and the screen recorder tool within ActivInspire can be used to support the explicit instruction of pro-social behaviours for students with an ASD through video modelling.

Interested in step-by-step information on how to use the ActiView document camera and the screen recorder tool to create video models for students with an ASD?

Check out our video tutorial on our YouTube Channel – TechandSpecialEd:

The TDSB's Special Education department's Interactive Whiteboard Learning Communities focus on supporting teachers in using the IWB in a teaching and learning capacity within in their HSP and ISP classrooms. Our groups are organized based on exceptionality and division and specifically support special education teachers who have received a SEA IWB in the 2013-2014 school year.

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