2 January 2014

TDSB Special Education Consultants and the AT team - Partnership with IEP working sessions

Partnering with FOS Consultants
SEA Claim 2013-14 IEP Working Sessions
During October, November and December, the SEA/Assistive Technology Team in collaboration with FOS Consultants offered a number of working sessions to assist teachers to prepare their individual and group IWB SEA claims.  Selected schools, in consultation with the FOS Consultant, hosted the session for their Family of Schools.
During the session, the SEA and FOS Special Education Consultants reviewed:
·     The application package for individual and group IWB claims
·     Features of Assistive Technology to support a variety of learning needs
·     Information to be included in the IEP
Time was provided for participants to work on the writing of the IEP with support from the SEA and FOS Special Education Consultants.
Below is a sample IEP page that participants generated to address reading expectations through the use of specific features of assistive technology.
Sessions have been well attended and participants have appreciated the opportunity to attend the working session within their FOS.

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