18 February 2014

The Math Mission: Using Assistive Technology and Desire2Learn to support Math Communication

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The Mission:  As a class, we will walk around our school looking for patterns.  Using your iPod Touch, take pictures of patterns that you found in our school.  Choose your favourite 3 pictures.  Import the pictures into Notebook and explain the patterns using math vocabulary.

The Mission: The students in our class are going to have a Fraction Pizza Party. If a small pizza has 6 slices; a medium has 8 slices, a large has 10 slices and a party pizza has 20 squares. How many of each pizza should be ordered so that each person gets 2 slices? How can it be shared equally? 

The Mission:  Look at a page in your favourite magazine that has both advertising and information.  Which area is greater?  How do you know?

The Mission:  Use a number cube to generate ordered pairs.  Create a piece of coordinate artwork using the ordered pairs. Label the ordered pairs.

The Mission (note how the teacher used colour coding to chunk instructions and to help students focus on key information): 

Draw a bar graph for this story:
At a recent winter fun day:
- a lot of people tobogganed
- even more people skated
- not too many built snow sculptures
- the least number of people worked on a snow fort

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