25 March 2014

Engaging students using the IWB as a learning centre: Charles G. Fraser Jr. P.S. Primary MID

Finding Ways to Engage Students

Itinerant Resource Teacher Andrea Statton did a co-planning and co-teaching session with Jennifer Venalainen at Charles G Fraser Junior Public School.  Ms.Venalainen expressed an interest in using her Promethean interactive whiteboard as a learning centre in her primary MID classroom, so that her students could become more independent and so that activities could be differentiated to support each of her learners.

One of the activities created was on number formation.  Knowing that one student loved Mario, Ms. Venalainen used an image of that character on the activity page, so that when the student clicked on Mario, the instructions were spoken aloud.  
By adding sound to the page, the student was more independent as he no longer needed to wait for direction from the teacher.  Most importantly, the student was so excited that Mario “spoke” to him that he quickly became engaged and eager to complete the task!  

To learn more about adding sound to ActivInspire flipcharts, check out our YouTube video:  http://youtu.be/AKsAu48oWkg

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