14 April 2014

OneNote pilot celebratory video and check-in with intermediate pilot schools throughout the TDSB

Our phase 1 portion of the Microsoft OneNote project is complete. And in other special education classrooms across the TDSB, the journey to organization and independence using OneNote has just begun.

Enjoy another of our celebratory videos. This one shows phase 1 schools' OneNote project review:

Buchanan Public School

These students were excited about sharing what they had done on the tablets. Most said they were using it for Notes, Microsoft Word and school work!  

Heritage Park Public School

Heritage Park students using OneNote in various ways including Karishma (photo right), who discovered using keyboard shortcuts help her navigate through work on the tablet.
At Heritage Park P.S., the kids were excited to get started with OneNote.  The students are very tech savy and fairly quickly figured out how to start customizing OneNote tabs.  The Heritage Park teacher, James Watt, also mentioned that one of the girls, Karishma, figured out all the keyboard shortcuts on her own. They were using the shortcuts for an activity they were doing - baking brownies.  

Mr. Watt uses the document camera and students take pictures and write notes using their tablets as well.

Lanor Public School

"This is better than a Promethean board and it is one of the things included in your dream room."   Andrew (photo left) was also thrilled that Read and Write 11 was installed on the tablet.

Other students were excited to try their new tablets as well: Emily said, "They are smaller than a computer and easier to carry around. They are our own and no one can mess them up." While Shea added: "Small and handy." 
Students at Lanor P.S. explore their new tablets.

West Hill Public School

West Hill P.S. students find out what equipment and peripherals they will be using during the OneNote pilot.

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