3 April 2014

OneNote pilot in full swing - check-in at various schools across the TDSB

While a number of pilot schools are just finishing off participation in the A.T. team's OneNote pilot, other schools are just getting started. Here's a round-up on some sessions happening throughout the TDSB.

Students in Aleem Remtulla's ASD ISP class at D.A. Morrison M.S. concluded their sessions. They reflected on what they have learned so far:

Mr. Remtulla's students share their thoughts in different ways.
Other schools such as Birch Cliff P.S., Eastview P.S., and Heritage Park P.S. are just starting with technical sessions completed.

Ms. Saunders' students share how they've used the tablet to support their learning so far.

Mr. Watt's students share ways they already use technology.

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