2 April 2014

OneNote pilot project - Blantyre P.S. Intermediate students' complete in-class pilot sessions

The intermediate students in Wendy Klayman's class weren't fooling around the morning of April 1st. The Home School Program (HSP) group finished their last session of the OneNote pilot project. During the session, they explored simple ways to support Math computations using OneNote and reviewed tools and applications used during the project. The class also reflected on ways the tablet and OneNote has changed and/or supported their learning and organization for day-to-day school work.

"My HSP grade 7 students have learned so much with OneNote. Overall, it has improved their organizational skills. They have created tabs for every subject and use the tabs like a binder.  They use Pagelift for “capturing” assignments and homework and they are using the templates and screen clippings for research assignments. Most importantly they are seen as “cool” and other students want to work with them in their classrooms. It has improved their confidence and put them on a level playing field. All of them feel like they couldn’t work without their OneNote". -Ms. Klayman

Blantyre P.S. intermediate pilot students and their top 10 features of OneNote (in no particular order).
Sarah uses  the HP Liftapp to capture her reflection questions.

Students access the tablet in different ways: mouse, stylus and touch screen.
(left) Using HP Pagelift to crop a captured document. (right) Writing a reflection about OneNote and the tablet.

Thank you to Ms. Klayman and her students for a fun and successful pilot project!

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