9 April 2014

So, you inherited an Interactive Whiteboard Learning Community concludes

Our “So I Inherited an IWB…Now What?” Learning Communities have now wrapped up.  These learning communities were specially designed for Special Education teachers who moved into classrooms where a SMART Board or Promethean Board had already been installed, thereby inheriting the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). The teachers pictured below were members of our Inherited SMART Learning Community, participating in session 4 at our Terraview Learning Centre lab.

This session focused on using the tools of the IWB to support teaching a three part math lesson. Teachers also explored how to use the response system to further engage students in learning activities. Past sessions focused on using the tools of the IWB to support visual literacy, using multimedia to support reading skills, and engaging our learners. Teachers were able to download a take away file at each session that provided sample pages and lesson ideas for teachers to use with their own students. In addition, teachers had opportunities to co-plan and co-teach lessons using their IWB as well as observe fellow learning community members co-teach a lesson with the Itinerant Resource Teacher who lead their learning community. 

Learning Community teachers work side-by-side, sharing knowledge and exploring  IWB tools
and strategies to support their special education students.
Thank you to all of our Inherited an IWB learning community teachers for helping make our sessions a great success this year. We hope that you continue to explore all the ways an IWB can support your students’ learning!

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