1 April 2014

Supporting student independence using the IWB as an activity centre in Diagnostic Kindergarten: Donwood Park P.S.

Winter Wonderland at Donwood Park P.S.
Joey Cao, Diagnostic Kindergarten Teacher at Donwood Park P.S., hosted an observation class for her Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Learning Community members. Together with Renée Keberer, Itinerant Resource Teacher ~ Assistive Technology, they co-planned and co-taught an IWB lesson for her students. The lesson focused on using the IWB as an independent activity centre for her students. The observing teachers were very impressed with the level of independence her students demonstrated and came away with lots of ideas for their own classrooms.

Attendance Page: each student was able to “sign in” using the strategy that targeted their ability level (i.e. dragging their picture, tracing or writing their name.)
Students were able to independently select a song for circle time. 
(left) Whole class sorting activity with turn taking.  (right) Each student made a selection for their free choice activity.

Each student has a “Work Samples” booklet where the activities they produced are pasted ~ here are two sample pages from one student’s book.

Two students work on their independent activity of naming objects. This activity allows the students to demonstrate their knowledge of matching words to pictures, while also working on turn taking and working together. Sound is attached to each word and picture.

(Photo left) A student sorts summer and winter clothing on his activity page. This is a container activity that provides immediate feedback to the student. Sound is also attached to each object for auditory support. (Photo right) This activity was designed for this student to match the name of the object (sound file) to the object.

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