7 May 2014

Second phase of OneNote pilot project teachers share at Learning Community

It was a full house at Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre last week for the intermediate pilot project Learning Community gathering. Special education teachers from East and West schools across the TDSB are at the mid-way point for their classroom phase of the Assistive Technology team's OneNote project.

Teachers shared ways that the OneNote pilot has been successful in their classrooms.

Teachers shared, ranked and inquired about how the OneNote software and the tablet is supporting their students in organization and transitions. During the session teachers had the opportunity to work with their peers in various groupings. Here are a few photos taken during the afternoon.

(left) Coming up with their top-10 tools  of OneNote which supports student learning (right) Discussing organizational strategies embedded in OneNote and the tablet..

The entire teacher group's top tools list (more than 10) and it could have been a longer list!
One group's top 10 list created in OneNote.

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