16 May 2014

So you Inherited a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard, now what? Learning Community session review

Learning Community Session ~ Math and Differentiated Learning

Through a math 3-part sample lesson, teachers were shown various ways that the IWB could scaffold for students, along with provide a multitude of differentiated virtual manipulatives to support their learning. They also had a chance to explore the use of the Response Systems (ActiveExpressions) as a way to engage and motivate students, along with providing all students with an active voice.

 In the picture below, two teachers are sorting responses to an open-ended math question that were inputted by the participants using the texting feature of the ActiveExpressions.

Dual user feature promotes collaboration.
Teachers were then provided with work time to create their own 3-part math lesson, incorporating IWB tools and features. Below is a sample of one flipchart page created by one of the participants.

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