4 June 2014

What's happening in Kindergarten with AT? Spotlight Dovercourt P.S. KELI class using IWB to support language development

Using the IWB to Get Students Talking

The Assistive Technology Team in collaboration with the KELI (Kindergarten Early Language Intervention) Program hosted Exploration Classrooms focusing on using the interactive whiteboard to support language development in kindergarten students.  KELI staff at Bruce P.S. and Dovercourt P.S. welcomed six visiting teachers during three different times.
Visiting teachers observed how the KELI team, teacher and speech language pathologist used interactive games and activities to engage students in oral discussion about the story, The Gingerbread Man.

On the day of our visits, the KELI kids decorated their gingerbread man and were surprised to find out that he had run away.  Students then visited other classrooms to ask if students or teachers had seen him.

Following the classroom visits, participating teachers met with Christine Harvey Kerr (SEA Consultant) and Stephen Ellison (KELI Lead) at Terraview Learning Centre to learn more about the KELI program and to see how interactive whiteboard technology is used to support students’ oral language skills in the program.  

Using a matching activity on the IWB to reinforce character names and to create discussion.
Modelling how to create a missing poster on the IWB for students to use when visiting classrooms to explain about their missing gingerbread man.

In addition, time was provided for participating teachers to create their own interactive whiteboard resources to use when they return to their classroom.

We were glad to hear that the KELI kids found their missing gingerbread man.

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