30 September 2014

The AT team's Academic Workspace site full of resources for TDSB staff

Last Spring our team launched a new public Academic Workspace (AW) site for TDSB staff and students entitled: “Spec Ed – SEA Assistive Technology”! This new AW site gives access to tip sheets, getting started handouts and technical support documents for a variety of assistive software.

To access our site, click on the link below or search for it on AW.

Once at the “Spec Ed – SEA Assistive Technology” AW site, click on Documents on the left-hand side and then click on AW Site Documents.  

At present, our team has posted handouts on:

-          Boardmaker (version 6)
-          Clicker 5
-          Dana and Neo
-          Dragon Naturally Speaking
-          Microsoft OneNote
-          Promethean
-          Read and Write
-          SMART Ideas

A variety of websites have also been posted under the Links section of the AW site which may be of interest for those using any of these assistive software programs. 

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