15 October 2014

Read and Write Gold to support student success - a lesson example

Our A.T. team supports many levels of special education students in using the Read and Write Gold software. A number of the tools found in Read and Write supports written expression, reading comprehension and a student's ability to overall organize their ideas.

Using even one simple tool, like the "Speak Current" or "Play button" - the text-to-speech feature of Read and Write Gold is a powerful way to support a student's comprehension and communication of ideas.
The Speak Current or Play button.
Our team's Assistive Technology and EQAO Junior special education project deadline is this week.
Here's one example on how a variety of tools can be used to support student literacy.

Proposals are still being accepted for interested junior HSP and ISP (Behaviour and Learning Disability) TDSB special education classrooms. For more information to see if your classroom meets the criteria check the Direct Line proposal form by clicking here.

To access more resources about Read and Write Gold and other assistive technology software that is supported by the TDSB's AT team.

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