28 November 2014

The EQAO and Assistive Technology Pilot Project 2014-2015

In-Class Session #1

Our EQAO and Assistive Technology Pilot 2014-2015 is under way! Our Itinerant Resource Teachers have started collaborating with special education classroom teachers participating in the project. Our first in-class sessions have begun…and the excitement has been wonderful!

During our first in-class session, teachers and students are supported as we practice;
·         Opening Read and Write Gold (version 10 or 11)
·         Docking the toolbar
·         Customizing the toolbar
·         Setting the voice and speed
·         Using the “speak current” tool to enable text-to-speech
·         Creating dual-screens in Microsoft Word
·         Using the “study skills highlighters” in Read and Write Gold to facilitate answering multiple choice questions using the strategy of “process of elimination

Recently, the grade 6 students of Ms. Ivany, Ms. Hutcheson and Ms. Lenarcic’s classes at C.R. Marchant had an exciting afternoon learning how to use the tools of the Read and Write Gold to support their reading comprehension.

Here are some of the ideas/skills the students at C.R. Marchant were proud to have learned:

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