13 February 2015

Special Education teachers of Low Incidence classrooms explore possibilities of the ActivTable

ActivTable Networking Session Continues…
Approximately 40 Low Incidence teachers across the TDSB attended our second ActivTable Networking Session held at Terraview Learning Centre and Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre.
During this session teachers had an opportunity to further explore the ActivTable. They had time trying out modified ActivInspire activities to use on the Windows side of the ActivTable. They also shared activities they have been using with their students that they found relevant and engaging.

Later, they were provided time to create/adapt activities for use on the ActivTable in their classrooms. These activities were shared with the group and each member was provided with a copy of all the activities created from both sites.

Teachers trying out ActivTable Activities created on ActivInspire.
Teachers sharing their favourite ActivTable Activities they use in their classrooms.
Teachers creating ActivInspire Activities for use on the ActivTable.
Teachers sharing the activities they created for the ActivTable.

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