9 March 2015

Using Read and Write Gold to support writing: EQAO pilot project session spotlight

Read and Write Gold to Support Creative Writing in EQAO
In-Class Session 3 of the Read and Write Gold (RWG) and EQAO Pilot Project focuses on answering creative writing questions. Up to this point, students have learned how to use various features of RWG to support their learning and demonstration of understanding by answering multiple choice and short answer questions based on various readings.

During this session, students continue to use the features of RWG to support their writing. Initially, students use the highlight feature to focus in on key information in the question. They then use various strategies to plan out their writing – some use a mind map or pictures, while others write an outline in the form of dot jot notes on the computer. Next, using their plan, they begin to do their writing using the word prediction feature to assist with word retrieval and spelling. Once their writing is complete, students use the read feature to listen to their work to ensure it “sounds right” and the spell check feature to correct mistakes.

(left) A student's mind map. (right) The student uses the word prediction feature of RWG to support his writing.

(left) student mind map. (right) student using the computer to generate an outline for their writing.

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