Boys' Literacy Project 2011-2012

Assistive technology provides a layer of support to students in the areas of: planning and organization, decoding, comprehension and written output.
How can teachers hook boys? 
Focussing on traditional print literacy and fictional, narrative texts does not engage all boys. Boys, particularly those with special needs, respond to high-interest reading material. For example, non-traditional text forms such as magazines, graphic novels, websites and other digital texts. 
Centering language instruction on media literacy is a way for teachers to engage boys in literacy. By beginning with the students’ current media habits, teachers have the hook to draw in reluctant learners. 

Assistive Technology 
By utilizing Read and Write Gold software, an Interactive White Board and iPods, boys; 
  • Have access to assistive technology support with decoding, spelling, editing and organization 
  • Have a variety of formats available to express themselves 
  • Can access non-traditional literature such as podcasts, videos, audio books and graphic texts 
  • Have choice over the tools used to learn 
  • Are more engaged in learning when using technology 

Fisherville J.H.S. Forest Hill Jr. & Sr. P.S.