Professional Learning Communities IWB

Brown Bear comes to Thorncliffe Park P.S.
Cause & Effect Spring theme using ActivInspire containers - Park Lane P.S.
IWB in-class sessions Job Embedded Professional Learning - HSP Primary/Junior
Planning for post-21 LC session: Nelson A Boylen S.S.
ActivInspire tools to try in 2015 part 2
Understanding body language LC co-teach: Secord P.S.
Photos of Getting started session
LCs have started

Supporting peer feedback using the Learning Response Systems Heritage Park P.S.
DK in-class session Ranchdale P.S.
Sound in Gifted French classrooms King Edward P.S.
Using pictures to communicate Math thinking F.H.Miller
DK LC in-class session IWB as activity centre  Donwood Park P.S. 
Exploring letters and numbers - Glamorgan P.S.
Math and A.T. PLC launch
Visual support & teacher modeling Heritage Park P.S.
Learning Community co-plan Primary HSP William Burgess P.S.
Circle time co-plan Secondary Low Incidence Etobicoke High School
Visual Literacy and IWB: session summary
Twenty-one Learning Communities are supported by six itinerant teachers in the East and West. Four sessions held from mid-October through February. Sessions are running at Terraview Learning Centre (East) and Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre (West).

Over 25 Learning Communities supported by six itinerant teachers combined in the East and West. Three sessions are held from late October through mid-February based on school geographic location and classroom designation.
Peripherals are given out during each session as follows: Slate, Document Camera and Response Systems.

Learning Communities overview
Learning Communities ASD spotlight
Learning Communities Low Incidence (primary) spotlight

Introduction to Learning Communities
All schools which received a group claim interactive white board, response system set, document camera and scanner, were invited last May to an information session.
School were put into one of four learning communities based on geographic location.
Sessions were held throughout the year in order to learn and share more about the use of assistive technology in Special Education classes.

Literacy and Special Education
Here is a short video of the last planning session of the year - a partnership between the Special Education and Literacy departments.
Sooky Crljien, Literacy Coach, NW5 and NW6 Region and itinerant SEA teacher Christine Harvey-Kerr (west)  focused on visual literacy and critical thinking as the key learning ideas.

Planning: Click for the short Slideshow Video here.
Implementation: PLC sharing (East) - Slideshow Video here. Final Learning Community session: Visual Literacy (May 3).  The session video clips can be found on the page: click Videos.

Math and Special Education
Information can also be found on the right-hand-side tab menu. Itinerant SEA teacher Joanne Mihaly (East) partnered with instructional leaders and math coaches to provide a number of professional learning opportunities for teachers: Math and the three-part lesson embedded with assistive technology to provide differential instruction.
More on Special Education and Math click here.

Kindergarten Early Literacy Intervention (KELI)
More on the partnership click here.

2010 - 2011 
Implementation journey

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