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The Assistive Technology EQAO pilot project continues into its third year. The pilot continues to work in schools throughout the TDSB support Special Education ISP and HSP classroom. Classrooms participate in four sessions all together. The first three sessions students practice the use of Read and Write Gold tools to support multiple choice, short answer, and creative writing tasks. The final session is a mock assessment.

The Assistive Technology EQAO pilot project moves into its second year. This year the pilot has representation of grade 3 or 6 classrooms in almost every region. Special Education teachers and their classrooms receive three in-class sessions with an itinerant teacher from November through early May. In-class sessions model a variety of Read and Write Gold tools which students may choose to support their reading comprehension and writing EQAO-type questions: multiple choice, short answer and creative writing. In between each in-class session teachers in a specific area come together to share successes and challenges of their Read and Write Gold journey.

2011-2012 School Year update
Continued support in the 2011-2012 school here. Read the latest post here.

About the training
Read and Write Gold training at the school level all starts with the Read and Write Implementation information session. Hosted monthly by the area SEA consultants, administrators in attendance begin the process of whole-school Read and Write Gold implementation.

First, Learnstyle trainer DJ Cunningham, gives attendees a brief overview to the Read and Write Gold software itself along with some key features. Then the SEA consultants share and explained possible models of the five hours of training, that is provided by Learnstyle from funding by the Special Education department, at each individual school.

Models include Teacher lunch n’ learns, expert sessions for teachers and/or support staff, as well as teacher and/or student exposure sessions which emphasize specific features of the software. Over half of the TDSB school have been trained this school year.

Administrators are encouraged to pick a mixture of types of sessions to make up the five hours of training and a strong foundation for future use of the program in his/her school.

All administrators leave the implementation training session having filled out a planned schedule handed in to begin the journey of whole-school Read and Write Gold implementation.
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