SEA how to use the IWB tools to differentiate learning

Using ActivExpressions to extend learning Gifted ISP Queen Victoria P.S.
Butterflies have landed at Park Lane P.S. using IWB & peripherals
Brown Bear at Park Lane P.S.
ActivInspire tools to try in 2015 part 3
Elapsed time Thomas L Wells P.S.
Checking in student understanding using ActiVotes Finch P.S.
Alternative Access project: What is orange? Glamorgan P.S.
IWB in-class sessions Job Embedded Professional Learning - HSP Primary/Junior
Planning for post-21 LC session: Nelson A Boylen S.S.
ActivInspire tools to try in 2015 part 2
ActivInspire tools to try in 2015 part 1

Exploration classroom in Jr. HSP at George R Gauld P.S.
LC in-class observation using document camera to support student learning Heritage Park
SEA consultant partnership IEP & Assistive Technology
Individual Itinerant referral at Forest Manor P.S. Graphic organizers for narrative writing
AT team success at Ontario Council for Exceptional Children conference
SEA team heads to Ontario CEC conference
Independent Activity Schedules and the IWB
Itinerant referral at David & Mary Thompson (Low Incidence)
Supporting fine motor skills using the IWB

During the 2012-2013 school year, the A.T. team launched it's Tech and Special Ed Youtube video channel. To see videos which connect the special education learner's needs with assistive technology tools click here.
Using Noteboard with the Promethean IWB

2010 - 2011
Implementation journey

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