iPads in ASD Classrooms

Eight different schools across the Toronto District School Board are piloting the use of iPads and their applications (apps). The classes range from primary to 6-8 Autism. The team of teacher, classroom assistant, child and youth worker in each school, are examining how a specific student, or groups of students, benefit from integrating iPad technology. The project is facilitated by Special Education Processes, Practices and Procedures (Assistive Technology) Coordinator Angela Scarano-Iuorio and Autism coordinator Jan Fukumoto.
Foci of improvement may be: expressive language (speaking) for a student with apraxia, receptive language (more focused and accessible reading comprehension) to self-regulation, organization of materials and following a daily schedule on an increasingly independent basis. iPad as assistive technology tools

Final presentation: iPad in ASD classrooms

Mid-term report update
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